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Training Module

Tissue Culture Technology

Plant tissue culture / micropropagation technology has made significant contributions to agriculture by enhancing agriculture production & productivity and controlling losses due to disease through propagation of desirable plants throughout the year and production and distribution of elite disease free plants. In India, plant tissue culture industry started way back in 1985 and has revolutionized the commercial agriculture sector particularly crops like banana, sugarcane, potato, date palm, orchids, bamboo, pomegranate etc. Tissue culture plants have been well accepted by farmers across the country because of its uniform productivity, freedom from disease, vigorous growth and high yield.

Objective of Training

As a corporate social responsibility A3S is mandated to provide hand-on experience/ training to candidates in the field of plant biotechnology under guidance of experts from industry/ core research background. This training will provide a basic knowledge of the plant tissue culture technology along with its application in various crop improvement avenues. Practical experience of this technology not only fulfills candidates thrust towards knowledge but also offers them to feel an actual experience of research environment in plant biotechnology within a short span of time. Moreover, A3S emphasize on to inculcate and ignite scientific thinking in candidates at graduate and postgraduate level for the betterment of society and their carrier buildup. Lastly it is worthy to mention that "we don't want develop technician we want to generate scientist for the world."


B.Sc. / B. Tech./ M.Sc./ M. Tech in Botany/ Biotechnology/ Applied Sciences/ Plant Science/ Biological Sciences/ Agriculture, faculties of universities and colleges etc.


Minimum 1 Month

Number of seats

2 (per batch)

How to apply

Send us a copy of updated CV and passport size photograph along with brief letter of motivation and registration fee. A copy of nomination letter from HOD of university/ institution/ college (In case of nominated candidate from university/colleges)

Procedure of selection

First-come-first serve basis. Due to the limited number of seats written test/ interview might be conducted for selection of suitable candidate for imparting training.